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It’s been months

That’s the thing about mental illness. I have the best intentions, I always have ideas and things I want to do. Make. Achieve. And then I just can’t… Wait let me phrase that, I can. I just need to find my way back. I’ve spent this summer so far traveling for my sons football gamesContinue reading “It’s been months”

Pardon me but…

Fuck this. I’m sorry, a little harsh? I’ve been having a hell of a go at it (Here is where Matilda says “you’re alwaayysss having a hell of a go at it”). But, honestly, losing our dog threw me off course. Tremendously. I was already sliding in a downward motion because… Bi-Polar. Losing My MooseContinue reading “Pardon me but…”


Today is the first virtual support group. And today I woke up at the bottom end of a depressive slide. Yup. My mood has dropped, I’m in a depressive cycle. I could feel it happening, in fact I tried all my tools to prevent it. The mornings were the most telling or the fact thatContinue reading “3.24.2021”

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