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Pardon me but…

Fuck this. I’m sorry, a little harsh? I’ve been having a hell of a go at it (Here is where Matilda says “you’re alwaayysss having a hell of a go at it”). But, honestly, losing our dog threw me off course. Tremendously. I was already sliding in a downward motion because… Bi-Polar. Losing My MooseContinue reading “Pardon me but…”


Today is the first virtual support group. And today I woke up at the bottom end of a depressive slide. Yup. My mood has dropped, I’m in a depressive cycle. I could feel it happening, in fact I tried all my tools to prevent it. The mornings were the most telling or the fact thatContinue reading “3.24.2021”


I woke up today and instantly wanted to go back to bed…before I even left it. For the trillionth morning in a row (that’s how it feels) I’ve woken up with my feet swollen, face puffy and on body fire. My body aches are back and my mood is blah. Yeah. It’s one of thoseContinue reading “3.22.2021”

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