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Have I mentioned that PC (Progressive Counting) is deep? I don’t think I realllyyyy realized how this was going to work, the effects it would have on my body and my trauma. As spiritual as I am, as open minded as I am, I still have Matilda in me. That small part that says “ThisContinue reading “Progress”


We have all heard of or seen a picture of Medusa. The beautiful snake haired woman known to turn you to stone with a simple glance. A monster. Something we may even fear. Is she all we think she is? What made her this way? Legend is told that Medusa was a Priestess in Athena’sContinue reading “Medusa”


It’s snowing outside, and it’s bitterly cold. But tonight I have therapy. All day I have been thinking about my next Progressive Counting session and the memory we are going to process. The snow however has offered a bit of a relief. Today we will be virtual and that’s okay with me. Today, yesterday andContinue reading “1.26.2021”

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